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How to Find Consulting Clients

If you're considering a move into freelancing or consulting - the one question that's probably on your mind is: "How will I find clients?" That's the one question I hear most often when I talk about consulting - and it's the one question I felt most vividly when I first started consulting…

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Fear Driven Development

It's Halloween today in the US! Halloween is a day where kids can dress up as something scary and go out at night to knock on the doors of strangers. That's a lot of things to be scared of! Scary costumes, out in the dark, and talking to strangers. But what is the reward for confronting those…

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Music to Listen to While Coding

Music is a very personal thing, so there's no "one size fits all" for music that will put you in a good mindset to tackle a complicated coding challenge. Music Guidelines With that said, here are the guidelines I follow when choosing music for a coding session: 1. Limited Vocals If there is a vocal…

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How I Tripled My Twitter Following in One Weekend by Teaching React

No, it doesn't involve spam or gray-hat techniques or paid ads. Short Answer: Dan Abramov retweeted one of my tweets Long Answer: I worked really hard creating threads that taught people something, and then Dan Abramov retweeted one of those threads. Also, I live tweeted React Boston the…

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How to Make the Most of a Tech Conference

It can be a big investment for you and your company to send you to a work conference. Not just the ticket price - but you have to take time away from work and potential disruption to your team's workflow. So: how can you be sure that you get the most out of a conference? I've just spend the last…

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How to Quit Your Job and Start Freelancing as a Software Developer

So, you want to quit your job ASAP and join the magical world of software freelancing, eh? Not so fast, unfortunately... It's going to take time to get there - but you can do it! The steps below worked for me, and I've seen them work for others too - but they do take time. A quick note This post…

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Can You Replace Redux with React Hooks?

Hooks are gaining popularity as a way to add state and effects to function components - but can they go further? Many people find Redux confusing or verbose - so maybe hooks could serve as simple replacement... so let's find out - Can you replace Redux with hooks? TL;DR: Hooks do a lot, but only…

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